200 and …

Good weekend everyone.  For many teachers in England it’s the start of half term with a traditional bank holiday rain filled day. Well yesterday we celebrated our 200th follower in three weeks. So far the only person to comment on the blog posts directly is me!!

Is it the blog theme that has been chosen? Or is no one using websites and apps as part of their geography teaching? I know that the latter point is completely untrue. How do I persuade you to stick you head out and offer a suggestion? There is no pecking order this aims to be a collaborative venture. ALL,  yes really, ideas are welcomed.

Well, enjoy your break and before May 31 post a comment to something you like. If unsure contact me at @gasigict on. Twitter or gasigict@gmail.com.


Thanks…and this week is London tree week – branching out already…


May 2014 Blog Task 1

Many of us have favourite websites that we return to over and over again. I can remember using VolkanoWorld,Bing maps when I discovered they had OS maps, Google Earth for the visual power to zoom in from a planet to a place bringing with it some idea of scale. So, our first blog task for May 2014. Please nominate one favourite website. How you use it and any tips for new users. Post these as comments below this post so that we can share a variety of ideas. Who will nominate first?

Why a blog for a Special Interest Group?

This blog and linked Twitter account @GASIGICT came about after the 2014 annual Geographical Association conference. A workshop on starting with apps led by Andy Knill (@aknill) and discussions at the group’s stand showed that more communication about resources and apps would be beneficial, especially if one place was used for news about apps.  This blog is trialling the idea.

Reader views are welcomed and followers of the blog and twitter account are encouraged from within England and Wales,  but also across many other countries too. Contact can be made through Twitter, this blog or GASIGICT@gmail.com.


Andy Knill, 02 May 2014