May 2014 Blog Task 2

Ok let’s get the ball rolling. This task is about apps that you use as an educator. Any platform is allowed.

Please name the app, the platform(s) it is on, how you use it, user tips.

Add comments  to this post so that new viewers can see what range are offered.


7 thoughts on “May 2014 Blog Task 2

  1. @aknill
    Rather than an app. A tool which I have always used as a geography teacher and now use on my mobile devices – the camera tool.

    I have evolved from slides (required projector), prints and now Interactive Whiteboard / Projector.

    I take ‘000s of photos, many of which are used to illustrate points in class, allow writing on using the technology in my room. I also use them to illustrate how to extend from the “teacher’s geography” to a more personalised view for pupils who are becoming more independent.

    Plus a colleague in the department who is wider travelled brings in digital. Images we can share much more easily.

  2. I have found Socrative to be a fun app that the students like, the teacher has their own ‘virtual classroom’ and the students log into it from any device with internet access, so no faffing around with getting the laptops/ipads out, they can use their phones. You can pose end of lesson questions as a plenary or write a quiz for homework, the students log in and complete the task and you can see the results on the electronic device of your choice.

  3. Tree ID!

    I like using “FSC Trees” or “ForestExplorer” to ID different species, especially those pesky conifers. The “ForestXplorer” app front page is about Forestry Commission visitor sites, but the “trees” section within in is great because you can identify by bark, leaves, needles and seeds!

  4. GPS Log has always worked well for the rivers fieldwork we carry out. Pupils take photos through the app on their iPads, and it’s easy to get the exact co-ordinates, height a.s.l, and see visually the locations in Maps or Google Earth afterwards. Stops a lot of arguing over where exactly each set of data was collected from!

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