I have an iThingey device, what do I do now?

Ok, after two years of overloading, deleting or saving items to the cloud I have bought myself a new iPad Mini with Retina screen and a Lifeproof case. This is to be my prime education device for apps for school, GA meetings, Teachmeet / EdConference presentations, links with global educators. Gradually and it will take a while after two years of adding to my old iPad2, all,apps that I value will be in this device. It will not just serve me for my @gasigict role. I also function as @aknill with my own personal / all sorts blog at http://mishmashlearning.wordpress.com. I am an advocate for Solo Taxonomy – it’s a pedagogy to promote deeper thinking and improving extended answers – so @globalsolo, yep also a global network. I am half or at the moment 70%+ of @TMHavering two events so far in 2014 in February and July, our third meet (date tbc) in November.so with all this one dedicated device seems a good idea.

Oops, went off task there, as my son’s t-shirt declares “my train of thought derailed”.

So this image shows the apps provided free of charge now with an iPad but you stillage to download the from the App Store. Grargeband is not a full version and has some in App purchases offered.


Conscientious blog master

Over the summer holiday I have started to organise and add to the Blog. Bob Lang offered some helpful feedback and a major post on GIS. in fact in the last two weeks he has been tweeting links to syllabi very diligently.

I have a new iApp device so have been replacing apps from previous devices and acquiring new ones to trial. All I have to do now is to start reviewing them. I have also collated my past minutes of our SIG meetings so that the recommendations for those meetings can go out through the blog too.

If you have feedback – positive or constructive – tweet, comment or email to em. Almost 450 followers in 4 months is good. Can we be over 500 by the November meeting! International links are spreading and I have had several conversations online with geographers in Oceania inc. Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Links have also been made in the USA.

Blog feedback

Robert  (Bob) Lang, a corresponding member on the Group has reviewed the blog structure and offered suggestions on edits, which we have acted upon. Thanks for this feedback.

We welcome feedback on aspects of the blog or twitter account you think could work better. See the about section on how to contact Andy Knill the blog manager.




Twitter recommendations to follow: update

This is a list that will name Twitter geography accounts that we use. They will not be posted anywhere else on the blog. The information will take:

Name of person / organisation from their twitter profile

Twitter tag

Info from Twitter profile if available

The initial listing will be the followers of @gasigict in the order they followed – this is not a ranking, merely the order they joined up.

If you do not want to be listed please contact and say so and details will be removed.

12.08.14 – first 46 added – only 400 to go

A summer of investigation…

In the name of gasigict development, and a personal desire to have a device which is for education not home contacts I purchased a new tablet this holiday. I have an iPad Mini with Retina screen safely wrapped inside a Lifeproof case that should protect it from my geographer tendencies. Already the quality of photos is showing compared to the iPad2 I was using previously.

In developing its content I have been moving apps and website bookmarks from my older iPad2 to this one. This will form my review basis for iApps. I have screenshot information about each App from the Apple App Store. Reviews will be subjective and this is where I hope the blog can generate wider discussion.

I, personally, do not advocate using mobile devices for the sake of it. They offer new takes on traditional tools in some cases and provide new opportunities which our students use so readily.

Some of the apps will be ones I use when presenting at Education events and Teachmeets. For example GA Conference 2014 where I presented a workshop on Using Apps.

Andy Knill (Editor)

Organisation improves ( do you agree)

The blog now has several pages. The full record of posts will be found by clicking on gasigict on the front page of the blog. Links back to original posts will be then added under the appropriate headings so iApps etc can be found in one area.

Comments and / or feedback welcomed – see About section for contact options.