Teaching through the medium of #pop videos

I am currently developing the Key stage 3 curriculum in my new department and with year 9 we are working on a unit on Natural disasters looking at the humanitarian response aspect as opposed to the physical geography mechanics. We have already investigated the work of CAFOD (www CAFOD.org.uk ) and MapAction (www.mapaction.org )as NGOs that come from different perspectives. We have noted the Open Source #missingmaps initiative and will be developing GIS into 2015 as we widen department resources.

One of the aspects we want to explore is the current Ebola crisis in West Africa so that our students can cast a more critical eye over stories in the media. In the last week two charity “records” have been released. The BandAid30 UK release and AfricaStopEbola. They have featured in news broadcasts as comments have been made about the impact of lyrics on public perceptions of Africa in 2014. We will show both videos from YouTube, discuss charitable donations a week on from £32 million donated to Children in Need and decide what message each piece is making.

How do you use recent events / news items in your schemes of work? Is there the flexibility to change case studies. We looked at tectonic events last week – we used Kiluaea and Sinabung with http://www.PDC.org links used and app awareness shared too.

Updates Nov 2014

Hi to any followers who browse the blog occasionally. This was intended to be a supporting vehicle to the work of the GA Special Interest Group in ICT as well as work featuring on the GA website. However, own work demands have limited its development thus far.

Since May the Twitter account has grown to an impressive 700+ followers and news stories, apps and web resources are shared most days throughout the week and at weekends. Bob Lang has done a sterling job in finding lots of links which he posts and I RT.

We have followers across the world both in education but also in commerce as we find companies who manufacture products, grow crops, service data needs that link to our geographical interests.

The blog started by listing our followers. A better solution is to identify categories followers may fall under that will allow filtering to search for people to go to or follow. It is hope to develop this aspect more realistically in 2015.

By the time the account celebrates its first anniversary in. May 2015 we will have attended the Geographical Association’s Annual Conference in Manchester (9-11 April) 2015. This will provide a vehicle to advertise the network developing further and hopefully attract more Uk and global geographers to join us. The ICT group will be involved in a number of lectures / workshops. These will be promoted in the conference literature and we await that to see how many people we can share our ideas with, gather your ideas and promote them throughout the GA membership and Geographers on a wider basis.

Thank you for your support. If you have any requests – comment on here or tweet us at @gasigict or mail is at gasigict@gmail.com or contact our Online Manager @aknill (just for gasigict accounts not wider GA).