Third theme – will anyone notice?

Apologies to regular browsers apart from me. I am trying a range of wordpress themes until I can find a layout for this blog that helps accessibility for finding posts and is easy to post so that I can update the blog more frequently too.

Today we had a committee meeting for GASIGICT and for the second meeting we welcomed new people. At the last two meetings we have met and worked with;

David Rogers
Jo Debens
Graham Trick
Adrian Manning

Both meetings have been busy with much to discuss one theme coming through in our agenda is the need to pull more people into being involved with the Geographical Association, as we are as SIG members. When I initiated this blog in May 2014, I intended to post blog posts from a range of geographers. This has not happened so far, so I am keen to recruit people to supply material – context is something to do with using ICT in some form as a vehicle or tool in geographical education for any age group.

I continue to gather apps for the purposes of reviewing them, promoting web links through our twitter account (@gasigict) and encouraging geographers globally to share ideas and practice with technology. We now have a following of almost 1000 followers from many nations. Please feel free to tweet or comment on the blog or mail with suggestions that would support you and colleagues with their geographical role. If you are one of our commercial twitter followers, would you like to correspond more with educators and share how your work links with what we study or skills you seek in future employees.

Thanks for reading

Andy Knill
Online Presence Manager

Attending BETT 2015?

The BETT show is the IT / Technology biggie each year at the end of January which is now held at the Excel centre in London’s Docklands. Each year there are some geographers wandering or presenting ideas. This year on the Saturday morning under the umbrella of UKEdChat on the RM stand there will be an interview featuring Andy Knill and Jo Debens of the GASIGICT group. It will be a great lead in to our next group meeting the following week. Come along and meet us, join in, share ideas. If you want more details contact either of us on Twitter @aknill / @gasigict and @geodebs. We look forward to meeting some other geographers (as well as David Rogers).


Details are out there through GA magazine and brochure to on the GA website. The Special Interest Group will have a stand and whenever there’s a break I will try to be there to meet, greet and share ideas. In the spirit of conference build up and a mention in WebWatch by @GeoBlogs I will also endeavour to update the blog more with apps ideas and links found, RT (Retweeted) on our twitter feed which has now gone above 900 followers (targeting 1000 by conference).

Several members of the ICT SIG are presenting this year. We are often against a range of other interesting sessions but hope to see as many of you as possible.

Just this evening I have had a Twitter colleague in Australia volunteer to stay up to 1 am to live tweet into my workshop on Saturday 11 April – Andy Knill on global links. The evening before, later and after the Teachmeet led by David Rogers and Jo Debens, also GASIGICT members, there will be an opportunity for the poor sleepers or enthusiasts to join in a #satchatoc (Satellite a education Chat – Oceania) on Global teaching and networking – regulars include teachers from Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Singapore, China, Thailand … I hope to be sharing many of their details in the workshop along with school departments who like to share ideas.

Interested in my of these? Join in, get in touch via @gasigict, Tell others, spread the word and use this as a vehicle to widen our pupils’ perspectives.

Updates Nov 2014

Hi to any followers who browse the blog occasionally. This was intended to be a supporting vehicle to the work of the GA Special Interest Group in ICT as well as work featuring on the GA website. However, own work demands have limited its development thus far.

Since May the Twitter account has grown to an impressive 700+ followers and news stories, apps and web resources are shared most days throughout the week and at weekends. Bob Lang has done a sterling job in finding lots of links which he posts and I RT.

We have followers across the world both in education but also in commerce as we find companies who manufacture products, grow crops, service data needs that link to our geographical interests.

The blog started by listing our followers. A better solution is to identify categories followers may fall under that will allow filtering to search for people to go to or follow. It is hope to develop this aspect more realistically in 2015.

By the time the account celebrates its first anniversary in. May 2015 we will have attended the Geographical Association’s Annual Conference in Manchester (9-11 April) 2015. This will provide a vehicle to advertise the network developing further and hopefully attract more Uk and global geographers to join us. The ICT group will be involved in a number of lectures / workshops. These will be promoted in the conference literature and we await that to see how many people we can share our ideas with, gather your ideas and promote them throughout the GA membership and Geographers on a wider basis.

Thank you for your support. If you have any requests – comment on here or tweet us at @gasigict or mail is at or contact our Online Manager @aknill (just for gasigict accounts not wider GA).

I have an iThingey device, what do I do now?

Ok, after two years of overloading, deleting or saving items to the cloud I have bought myself a new iPad Mini with Retina screen and a Lifeproof case. This is to be my prime education device for apps for school, GA meetings, Teachmeet / EdConference presentations, links with global educators. Gradually and it will take a while after two years of adding to my old iPad2, all,apps that I value will be in this device. It will not just serve me for my @gasigict role. I also function as @aknill with my own personal / all sorts blog at I am an advocate for Solo Taxonomy – it’s a pedagogy to promote deeper thinking and improving extended answers – so @globalsolo, yep also a global network. I am half or at the moment 70%+ of @TMHavering two events so far in 2014 in February and July, our third meet (date tbc) in with all this one dedicated device seems a good idea.

Oops, went off task there, as my son’s t-shirt declares “my train of thought derailed”.

So this image shows the apps provided free of charge now with an iPad but you stillage to download the from the App Store. Grargeband is not a full version and has some in App purchases offered.


Twitter recommendations to follow: update

This is a list that will name Twitter geography accounts that we use. They will not be posted anywhere else on the blog. The information will take:

Name of person / organisation from their twitter profile

Twitter tag

Info from Twitter profile if available

The initial listing will be the followers of @gasigict in the order they followed – this is not a ranking, merely the order they joined up.

If you do not want to be listed please contact and say so and details will be removed.

12.08.14 – first 46 added – only 400 to go