I have an iThingey device, what do I do now?

Ok, after two years of overloading, deleting or saving items to the cloud I have bought myself a new iPad Mini with Retina screen and a Lifeproof case. This is to be my prime education device for apps for school, GA meetings, Teachmeet / EdConference presentations, links with global educators. Gradually and it will take a while after two years of adding to my old iPad2, all,apps that I value will be in this device. It will not just serve me for my @gasigict role. I also function as @aknill with my own personal / all sorts blog at http://mishmashlearning.wordpress.com. I am an advocate for Solo Taxonomy – it’s a pedagogy to promote deeper thinking and improving extended answers – so @globalsolo, yep also a global network. I am half or at the moment 70%+ of @TMHavering two events so far in 2014 in February and July, our third meet (date tbc) in November.so with all this one dedicated device seems a good idea.

Oops, went off task there, as my son’s t-shirt declares “my train of thought derailed”.

So this image shows the apps provided free of charge now with an iPad but you stillage to download the from the App Store. Grargeband is not a full version and has some in App purchases offered.