Conscientious blog master

Over the summer holiday I have started to organise and add to the Blog. Bob Lang offered some helpful feedback and a major post on GIS. in fact in the last two weeks he has been tweeting links to syllabi very diligently.

I have a new iApp device so have been replacing apps from previous devices and acquiring new ones to trial. All I have to do now is to start reviewing them. I have also collated my past minutes of our SIG meetings so that the recommendations for those meetings can go out through the blog too.

If you have feedback – positive or constructive – tweet, comment or email to em. Almost 450 followers in 4 months is good. Can we be over 500 by the November meeting! International links are spreading and I have had several conversations online with geographers in Oceania inc. Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Links have also been made in the USA.