A summer of investigation…

In the name of gasigict development, and a personal desire to have a device which is for education not home contacts I purchased a new tablet this holiday. I have an iPad Mini with Retina screen safely wrapped inside a Lifeproof case that should protect it from my geographer tendencies. Already the quality of photos is showing compared to the iPad2 I was using previously.

In developing its content I have been moving apps and website bookmarks from my older iPad2 to this one. This will form my review basis for iApps. I have screenshot information about each App from the Apple App Store. Reviews will be subjective and this is where I hope the blog can generate wider discussion.

I, personally, do not advocate using mobile devices for the sake of it. They offer new takes on traditional tools in some cases and provide new opportunities which our students use so readily.

Some of the apps will be ones I use when presenting at Education events and Teachmeets. For example GA Conference 2014 where I presented a workshop on Using Apps.

Andy Knill (Editor)